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#RRR Title Poster Released: Varma Thanks to Rajamouli

#RRR Motion Poster Released: Since director Rajamouli announced that the #RRR title poster motion teaser will be launched on Ugadi, some sections of society have not commented so positively. Many have criticized the director for releasing it at a time moment when the nation is gripped in the fear of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

However many said why not? they don’t have the right words to put it and this is where Ram Gopal Varma becomes their voice. “Hey Rajamouli, in the times of constant depressing news, thank u very much for reminding us to look forward to upcoming better things in life” RGV tweeted, explaining how it felt after watching the #RRR movie motion poster.

For those Telugu people who are little demotivated and feel a bit confused about the lockdown and need to stay for the next 21 days inside their homes, this motion poster has surely brought hope that they are going to see an epic on the silver screen once the corona deadly disease leaves this country.

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