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‘Class of 80s Reunion’ Hosted by Chiru at his Residence

‘Class of the 80s’ is an annual event that will bring together and share interesting stuff from their generation, senior stars from South India who acted in the 1980s. It’s been a success every year as the stars meet in one place and celebrate their reunion while sharing their beautiful pictures on social media.

This time we have among the gatherings Mohan Babu, Suhasini, Radhika, Arjun, Chiranjeevi, Sumalatha, Sobhana, Khushboo, Balakrishna, Jackie Shroff, Prabhu, Venkatesh, Sarath Kumar, Ramya Krishnan, Nadiya, Suman and a few more. One star will have to host the party from them and this time it’s the turn of Megastar Chiranjeevi.

The Class of 80s Event 2019 also marks their 10th anniversary, and Chiranjeevi will be hosting the party at his residence in Hyderabad on this special event. How fun this is! There will also be a dress code for these stars to make their reunion a little more fun.

It also brings with it the curiosity about what celebrities do within the party. Well, as far as we know, all the senior stars are pre-rehearing skits, retro songs, and dance performances and having fun in this amusing-gathering. Now, we can’t wait to learn this time what’s in the store and the fun-filled pictures they share.

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