Another Talented Hero: Raj Tarun is on the Verge of Collapse

There are few heroes in the history of Tollywood industry who have shot to fame just with a couple of films including the debut and the second film. Back then, hero Uday Kiran has created a storm, later Varun Sandesh similarly raised to the occasion. After some time, those heroes have fallen from the maze and lost in time due to their poor choices.

When Tollywood is worrying about the fans of Siddharth and Gopichand, who have started their careers on a bang but lost midway, it looks like another hero (Raj Tarun) is joining them slowly.

Raj Tarun is an Indian actor who made his debut in the Tollywood with UyyalaJampala movie in 2013. After that, he worked in Kumari 21F, Cinema ChipistaMaava, SeethammaAndaluRamayyaSitralu, Nanna NenuNaa Boyfriend, Andhhagadu, EedoRakamAadoRakam, KittuUnnaduJagartha, Raju Gadu, Lover, Rangula Ratnam, and more Telugu films.

The latest flop of Raj Tarun’s movie, IddariLokamOkate is proved that only content could save him not his antics. If there is one more flop in his career then it will be difficult to survive in the industry for Raj Tarun. 

If he picks the elements that suit him better, surely the young hero will get a big chance to bounce back. We are hoping that Raj Tarun will come back into the groove with the upcoming Telugu remake of Dream Girl movie. 

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